Zoë Rivas is a guest star in the Girl Meets Degrassi crossover special. That was her first/last appearance on the show. She is portrayed by Ana Golja, and stars in the Disney Channel Fanon series Degrassi.


  • Zoë's name can either be spelled Zoë with an Albanian letter, or simply Zoe.
  • She likes Riley.
  • Zoë seems to be jealous of Zig and Maya's relationship.
  • In the episode, it is revealed Riley watches West Drive, and is a fan of Zoë.
  • She and Riley became very good friends, much to Maya and Frankie's dismay.
  • Zoë signed Riley's Gatsby Garcia inspired boots.
  • She seems to be a diva, like Riley's nemesis.
  • Maya doesn't like her.
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