"Should I Marry Her" is the third episode of Season 1 of Girl Meets Girl. It will air September 6, 2020.


Riley and Lucas have to come back from a date to find Eric,Josh his girlfriend Alyson Amy and Alan sitting in the Matthews living room and Maya and Farkle sitting in the kitchen. Amy,Morgan and Alyson all get up and bombard Riley with hugs. Afterwards Amy and Alan question who Lucas is and that's when Riley finally reveals to the rest of her family that Lucas is her boyfriend. But, in a surprising turn of events, Lucas ends up having feelings for Maya too, even though his feelings for Riley are stilll strong.


Main CastEdit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Sarah Carpenter as Alyson Attickson
  • Uriah Shelton as Joshua Matthews
  • William Russ as Alan Matthews
  • Ben Savage as Cory Matthews
  • Danielle Fishell as Topanga Matthews-Lawrence
  • Lily Nicksay as Morgan Matthews
  • Betsy Randle as Amy Matthews
  • Will Friedle as Eric Matthews

Transcript: Edit

Riley: Oh Lucas, Our date was so much fun.

Lucas: Everytime I look at you, I fall in love with you all over again.

Riley: Oh my gosh, That is SO sweet.

*Opens the door to see all of her famly members, and some friends of theirs*

Riley: Hey Everyone! Hey Maya! Farkle!

Lucas: Maybe I should go-

Morgan : Well, who's that handsome young man?

Riley : This is Lucas - my boy- i mean, friend.

Lucas : Howdy.

Maya : Oh, hey Lucas.

Lucas : //Nods Awkwardly

Maya : May I talk, to you, Lucas?

Lucas : Yeah.

//Goes over to kitchen

Maya : I know, you want to marry Riley.

Lucas : Maya.

Maya : Your not ready! She isn't ready! Its too much to commit!

Lucas : Cory and me go way back now, he will be sure to approve of me with Riley!

Maya : Yeah. But watch out - Cory Mathews is a force to be reconed with.

Maya : So? Tell them that your dating!

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