Joshiley (Josh/ua and R/iley) is the pairing of uncle and niece Joshua Matthews and Riley Matthews.


Season 1Edit

Girl Meets SantaEdit

  • Both helped Auggie chase santa, along with Maya.
  • Both were next to each other at breakfast.
  • Both hated Topanga's omelet.
  • Riley saw Josh and her best friend Maya flirt.

Girl Meets Game NightEdit

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Girl Meets SantaEdit

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Girl Meets New YearEdit

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Similarities and DifferencesEdit


  • Both have brown hair.
  • Both are close to Auggie
    • Riley is his older sister.
    • Josh is his uncle.
  • Both are close to Maya Hart
    • Riley is Maya's best friend
    • Josh is her boyfriend.
  • Both are teenagers.
  • Both helped Auggie chase Santa along with Maya.
  • Both live in America
    • Riley in New York
    • Josh in Philadelphia
  • Both are close to Cory
    • Both are family to him
    • Riley is his daughter/student
    • Josh is his uncle
  • Both are now meeting the world, and Cory gave them advice.


  • Josh is a male, Riley is a female.
  • Josh is 5'6", Riley is 5'2"
  • Josh has blue eyes, Riley has brown.
  • Josh lives in Philadelphia, Riley in New York.
  • Riley lives close to Cory, Josh doesn't.


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