Riker Matthews is main character in Girl Meets World is twin brother of Riley , He is one student his friend of Maia ,Farkle and Lucas is son of Cory and Topanga Matthews

Riker Matthews

Personality Edit

Riker is one sweet outgoit and fun guy .Riker is cool people sometimes quirky equal to her sister Riley

Appearance Edit

Riker is identical his sister Riley .He wears light brown hair , dark brown eyes

Relationships Edit


Riley Matthews Edit

Main article : Riker and Riley

Riley is the sister of Riker, they have a good fraternal relationship with each other throughout the series ,the relationship between two brothers are totally is quiet and smooth, Riker have a good fellowship with Riley in the entire series

Maya Hart

Main article : Rikaya

Riker have a good friendship with Maya, but he has a crush on her, it is likely that Maya feelings for Riker, the two get along in the whole series ,sometimes the two are awkwardly next to each other, it is more likely to feel something for each other without saying,more Riley knows that Riker has a crush on Maya

Cory Matthews

Main article : Riker and Cory

Riker ,They have a good relationship of father and son with his father

Topanga Matthews

Main article : Riker and Topanga

Topanga is the mother of Riker , the relationship of mother and son is good , and amorous

Auggie Matthews

Main article : Riker and Auggie

Auggie is younger brother of Riker is 7 years younger than he . the relationships brother to brother is good

Lucas Frair

Main article : Lucas and Riker

Lucas and Riker are good friends and classmate of other

Farkle Minkus

Main article : Farkle and Riker

They are best friends of other , Riker is good friend of Farkle , and He is good friend to he

Trivia Edit

  • is twin brother of Riley
  • He is second eldest Matthews Member
  • your Astrological birth sign is Sagittarius
  • Her birthday is December 8,2001
  • He has crush a Maya Hart
  • Is 5 seconds younger than Riley
  • It is awkwardly near Maya
  • your favorite food is cake of chocolate is your favorite cake