"Joshaya" (Josh/ua and M/aya) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Joshua Matthews and Maya Hart.

Other NamesEdit

  • Joshaya (Josh/ua and M/aya)
  • Mathart (Mat/thews and Hart)
  • Moshua (M/aya and J/oshua)
  • Jaya (J/oshua and M/aya)


Season 1Edit

Girl Meets SantaEdit

  • Maya said Riley should call her "aunt Maya".
  • Maya tries to stalk him.
  • While chasing for Santa, Maya and Josh are next to each other.
  • While in the hallway, they were really close to each other.
  • Both slept over at the Matthews house.
  • The next morning at breakfast, they were next to each other.
  • After Maya blushes at Josh, he smiles at hir flirtatiously.

Girl Meets Maya's SecretEdit

  • Maya revealed she and Josh had a long distance relationship.
  • They kissed for the first time in this episode.
  •  Both sleep over at the Matthews again.
  • Riley is jealous of them in the episode.

Girl Meets ChristmasEdit

  • Both kiss again in the episode.

Similarities and DifferencesEdit


  • Both are close to Riley and Auggie Matthews
    • Riley and Auggie are good friends of Maya's
    • Riley and Auggie and the Niece and nephew of Josh.
  • Both are the teen versions of Shawn Hunter.
    • Both are cool
    • Both are troublemakers.
  • Both helped Auggie search for Santa Claus.
  • Both have blue eyes.
  • Both are close to Riley.


  • Maya is a female, Josh is a male.
  • Josh as brown hair, Maya has blonde.
  • Josh has a stable family life, Maya has a broken home.
  • Maya is rebellious, Josh isn't.


  • Josh is Maya's second crush of the series.


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