Jacob and Maya are brother and sister.


Jacob and Maya are brother and sister which actually makes Maya happy. Maya always follows her brother where ever he goes as Jacob does the same with Maya until the day Jacob was sent to live with the Matthews and causes Maya to be heartbroken but she promises to visit him when she can. Jacob arrives at the Matthews house and is introduced to Riley and he accidently calls her Maya. Maya tries to get her brother back but she is too late when the custody went to the Matthews but Jacob tells Maya she will always be his little sister so Maya gives him a hug crying because she has just lost her brother. When Jacob got a job being Cory's helper she was pleased to have her brother as a teacher's helper at her school. Jacob tells Maya about his crush on this girl named Jill who is the cousin of Farkle but tells her not to help him. Jacob loves his sister very much and is very protective of her like he is Riley.

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