One night with no glamour on Alec,Isabell,Jace,and Clary where hunting demons, Riley was in that area along with Farkle,Maya,and Lucas.Riley suddenly spots Jace and Clary she sees Clary with the serepah blade going to get rid of that demond it was a shapeshiffter , Riley tried to protect the demond but Isabell stopped her.Jace said she was a mundane because they did not have glamour on.Riley told her friends about everything she said there was a blonde boy that was cute,a boy with black hair ,a girl with clothes that showed her body , and a girl with orangish hair.Farkle said we saw them too I took a picture.Maya said look up identites.Farkle found identites of Jace wayland,Alec lightwood ,Isabell lightwood,and Clary fray.

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