Btw, this is a fanfiction continuation to Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 1 and 2

*At Abigail Adams highschool*

Starts off with Maya's dream sequence, has a 60's theme

Maya : one could ever love little old me, could they?

Josh : Hello, fine, - lady.

Maya : Why, Josh!

Josh : No - lets not speak.

Maya : The names, Maya, - Maya hart.

Josh : Well, do you want to, experience, true love?

Maya : Josh, Kiss me!

Josh : Im yours, aunt Boing!

Maya : Yeah okay, Josh, hon, your doing it wrong.

Josh: What?

Maya : Its maya, and this dream has to be perfect hear me?

Maya : Wow, RIley messed me up.

Maya : *Screams out kiss sequece*

*Crew comes out*

Camera man : Take two!

Josh : Im yours, Mrs.Boing!

Maya : Yeah okay, thats enough for me. *They are about to kiss, when Maya wakes up.*

Scene two :

Bay Window

RIley : Maya!

Maya : Riley, Ive found myself in quite the pickle! What will I do, what will I do?

Riley : Peaches..Oh, who am I kidding, it doesn't work on you.

Maya : Yeah okay, so when's Lucas coming?

Riley : I never told you Lucas was coming.

Maya : And thats how I know.

Riley : Well, after our whole triangle he finally ended up with me.

Riley : arent upset, are you?

Maya : steped back for me, but I didn't for you. I didn't need to. I dont like Lucas.

RIley :Lucas is here!

*Lucas c

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