Lucas asks Riley to the senior prom which makes Riley overflowed with joy, but Maya confused why Lucas, (her boyfriend) is asking her. . Note:This is after the prom Lucas and Maya went to in Girl Meets Prom.


*Maya's house:

*Knock on door* *Maya opens it*

*It is Lucas*

Lucas: Hey Maya. *Kisses Maya*

Maya: Hey... So, whats-

Lucas: Speaks Fast: Listen, can I go to the senior prom with Riley? Thanks!

Maya: What? But, why?

Lucas: Its a deal with Billy.

Maya: Oh, that Billy. Why didnt you turn him down?

Lucas: Look, he said that he would spread rumors all about me all over the school. He knows my biggest secret.

Maya: Why would he do that to you?

Lucas: He wants me miserable.

Maya: Why did you tell him your biggest secret?

Lucas: We used to be best friends.

Maya: Hmm.. Tough.

Lucas: Oh no. Your mom is here.

Maya: Oh no.

Katy: My, My, MY. Look at my little daughter growning up. I think im going to cry. Your first boyfriend! Wait, Wait, Wait, I Have to take a picture! *Runs to get the camera*

Maya: Run! This is our chance!

*They both run to Maya's room*

Lucas: So, is your friendship with Riley doing?

Maya: She still bursts out crying when I mention you, so..

Lucas: Oh. Wow.

Maya: Yeah. We dont hang out as much.

Lucas: Met any others?

Maya: Well, Yeah. Samantha, Elsa, Katie, Jessica.

Lucas: Do you have fun with them?

Maya: Well, Yeah! Of course... But, I still miss Riley.

Lucas: How much?

Maya: A lot. *Tear comes from her eye.*

Lucas: *Kisses Maya* Everything will be allright.

Scene 2: John Quincy Adams Middle School

Lucas: Hey Riley!

Riley: Lucas.... Hello.

Lucas: Hey, so-

Riley: Lucas, Hello... *Dreamily Gazes into Lucas's eyes.*

Lucas: Riley? Are you ok?

Riley: Huh? Wha- Lucas! Um, HI! *Says akwardly*

Lucas: Hey... Riley.

*Akward Silence*

Riley: So, This weather?

Lucas: Its good.

Riley: Not too hot.

Lucas: No too cold.

Riley: Yup!

Lucas: Yeah.

Riley: Nice... Shirt.

Lucas: Oh.. Thanks.

*More akward silence*

Riley: Well...

Lucas: Bye, I guess.

Riley: See ya.

Lucas: Bye.

Riley: See ya.

*They both walk backwards to each other*

Riley: Yeah, this goes way further.

Lucas: *sighs* Riley Matthews, will you be my date to prom?

Riley: YEEE YAHH!!! *hugs Lucas* Yes.

Lucas: Wow, I never seen you this happy. *smiles*

Scene 2: At Topanga's

Maya: What's going on Riles, I mean you texted me to come here.

Riley: LUCAS ASKED ME OUT TO PROM!!! *covers mouth*

Maya: So?


*Everybody was looking at Riley*

Maya: You realize he just made a deal with Billy that if he asks you out, then Billy won't tell his darkest secret.

Riley: *crosses arms* You're just jealous.

Maya: And your apparently not my best friend anymore!

Riley: So? Let's just keep it that way!

*Riley leaves Topanga's*

Maya: *A tear slided down her cheek.*

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