Girl Meets World ScriptEdit

                                         Scene 1: Riley's Living Room

Maya: Riley are you sure you want to get into trouble? Nicole is their biggest fan

Riley: Yeah Maya my dad won't know anything. Come on let's go.

Cory: Where are you going

Riley: To school

Cory: You have to go with me ok Riley?

Riley: Ok dad

Maya: Mr. Matthews, can Riley and I go to the subway?

Cory: Absolutely...

Riley: Really?!

Cory: No

Theme Starts/End of Scene 1

                                         Scene 2 the Cafeteria          

Riley: I am so sick of my dad's stupid rules of "No going to the subway" I wish I Could teach him a lesson.

Maya: Maybe you can teach him a lesson.

Riley: How?

Maya: Sneak of to the subway by yourself i'll stall for you (giggles)

Riley: (sighs) Let me think about it.

Maya: (sighs, puts her hand on Riley's arm) Look Riley that's why your dad is so protective of you. Because you do not take risks.

Riley: Ok I'll do it you stall i'll sneak to the subway

Lucas Walks in Riley smiles

Maya: What the heck are you looking at

Riley: Him

Maya: That cute new boy?

Riley: Yes (smiles)

Maya: Why don't you go talk to him?

Riley: I can't you know i'm bad at talking to guys.

Maya: Riley...

Riley: No! I gotta go to the subway (Dumps tray and leaves)

Maya: (stares at Riley scared)

End of scene 2/commercials

                                         Scene 3 Subway

Riley: I am a bad girl i'm doing it.

Maya: (opens subway door) Hey girl.

Riley: Why are you here?

Maya: Look, Riles sorry I got you in this mess I was an idiot but your parents want you home right now.

Riley: Fine this is my stop anyway.

Scene 3 ends

                                                  Scene 4 Riley's house

Auggie/Farkle:Riley's here!!!!!

Topanga: Honey you're ok.

Cory: Why did you blow us off?

Riley: Beause... I wanted to be bad for once you know?

Topanga: Hon you will never be bad,

Riley: Look mom I just wanted to be out of your stupid rules.

Cory: Riding the subway won't help.

(knock on door)

Topanga: Auggie sweety open the door please.

Auggie: ok (Auggie opens the door)

Lucas: Hi i'm Lucas

Cory: The new boy

Lucas: yes sir here I gound this b... (smiles at Riley)


Lucas: Hi, I didn't see you in class

Riley: I know but I saw you in the cafeteria

Maya: (whispers to Farkle) She's doing it, she is talking to a guy.

Farkle: (jelous) I know why can't it be me?

Maya slaps Farkle's arm

Lucas: Do you want to go get some pizza?

Riley: Dad, mom?

Topanga; ok go have fun, we'll pick you up on an hour.

Riley: YAY!

Everyone smiles at Riley

Scene 4 ends/Commercials

                                                                   Scene 5 Pizza Place

Lucas: You have a nice family.

Riley: Thanks (smiles)

Server: What would you like?

Lucas: Sausage pizza and water. What about you?

Riley: Jalapeno pizza with iced tea please?

Server: ok.

Lucas: So why did you skip class?

Riley: I just wanted to be bad for once everyone sees me as a good girl you know.

Lucas: Riley, there's nothing bad about being good it makes you a better person.

Riley: Thanks, I'll remember that  next time. 

(both smile at each other)

End of scene 5

                                                         Scene 6 Outside the pizza place

Riley: Hey guys

Cory/Topanga/Auggie: Hey

Riley: See you tomorrow Lucas.

Lucas: Ok 

Lucas leaves

Topanga ready to go home

Riley: Yeah. Listen i'm really sorry for breaking your rules.

Topanga: It's ok sweety

Cory: Come on lets go

The Family hugs and get in the car

Scene 6 ends

                                           Scene 7 School/End Credits

Maya: How was your first date?

Riley: Great, thanks Maya

Maya: Thanks for what? I just told you to talk to him.

Riley: You gave me confidence thanks.

Both Hug 

Episode ends