Girl Meets a Fight ScriptEdit

                                                                  Scene 1 Riley's Room

Riley: (groans) Where is Maya! I tolde her to be here at 7:00 sharp.

Lucas: Calm down, she'll be here soon.

Riley: OK

Maya: Hey Riley, Lucas and (dissapointed) Farkle.

Riley: Where have you been i've been waiting for you for an hour.

Maya: I got you some scissors.

Scene 1 ends/theme song

                                            Scene 2 The school lunch room

Maya: Hey Riley how are you.

Riley: Upset, look Maya the "Cool Kids" club is really important to the boys and I and you don't even care.

Maya: Look, I got subway trouble ok can't you unserstand?

Riley: I could at first but it's been 20 times since you are late.

Maya: How do you know?

Riley: I count all the times you are late, you know all the boys are always there by 6:30 and we have to wait for you 40 minutes every friday night.

Maya: Riles look...

Riley: Save it it's now Riley, Lucas and Farkle.

Riley Leaves

Scene 2 ends/commercials

                                              Scene 3 Auggie's class

Teacher: Bad news kids, we have a test this thursday so study all kinder strategies.

Auggie: WHAT? a test but is barely kindergarden 16th day of school.

Teacher: Auggie, are we gonna have a problem?

Auggie: No, i've just never had a test before.

Madison: YAY!! I will get a 100 like always, beat that Auggie.

Auggie: Oh I will.

Madison: I will love to see that, dumbo.

Teacher: Ok students this is a math/reading test so study for it.

Auggie: Um I need books.

Teacher: Here are your books.

Auggie: Great

Auggie stares at his books

the scene ends

                                                            Scene 4 Riley's locker/hallway

Maya: I called you all here to do new rules, now it's gonna be Lucas and Riley vs. Farkle and Maya am I Clear?

Riley: Fine make the best pairing WIN!

Lucas: Riley are you sure you're best friends.

Farkle: YAY! Farkleya, our pairing name.

Maya: Ok this is a mistake but let's do it. 

Riley: FINE

Maya: Good!

Lucas: Come on Riley.

Riley: No look competition is competition got it

Riley and Lucas leave

The scene ends/commercials

                                                   Scene 5 Riley's room

Riley: I called this Riley/Lucas meeting to order, first topic: bringing DOWN- Maya and Farkle.

Lucas: Riley, what's going on with you, you're so chill and sweet, now you're being a big idiot.

Riley: Look, I just want to be the winner ok, she is to competitive, I can't stand her anymore.

Lucas:  Why?

Riley: She's always late, she is too lazy, she is to selfish and she dosn't care about the club.

Lucas: Look people change.

Riley: Are you defending her?

Lucas: N-NO

Riley: Good, now for the second order of buisness a breath taking segment.

Lucas stares at Riley weird

The scene ends

                                   Scene 6 The matthews' home

Auggie: Mom, dad i got a 100 on my test!!!!!!!!

Topanga: Wow good job sweetie.

Cory: Good job kid, fistbump

Auggie: I did it I studied it and got 100.

Topanga: You are the smartest kindergardner I know in the world.

Cory: Look keep reading and you'll be a genius in no time.


Topanga: Ok, hon quiet down.

Auggie: Sorry i'm to happy.

Auggie smiles

The scene ends

                                              Scene 7 Park/End credits

Lucas: Ready girl?

Riley: um... yeah

Maya: Let's... do this Farkle

Farkle and Maya approach Riley and Lucas

Riley: Look... I am so sorry.

Maya: Me too, for being late stupid and lazy and... for splitting the club but most importanly ruining our friendship.

Riley: Me too for blaming you alot.

Riley and Maya hug and smile at each other

Lucas: Friends again


Episode ends