Girl Meets World: Take On the Music is the Season 1 soundtrack of Girl Meets World. The soundtrack will release on May 4, 2015. 


  1. Take On the World by Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter (normal version)
  2. Take On the World by Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter (summer remix version)
  3. Lights by Dove Cameron
  4. Thank You For Being a Friend by Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter (long version)
  5. Take On Hey Jessie by Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter and Debby Ryan (full version)
  6. Wild Child by Sherry St. Germain
  7. Colorful World by Shayna Rose

Bonus TracksEdit

  1. Can't Blame a Girl For Trying by Sabrina Carpenter
  2. Seamless by Sabrina Carpenter


  • Two versions of Take On the World are on the soundtrack, as well as Take On Hey Jessie.
  • Seamless is put as a bonus track, due to being about Rowbrina (Row/an and sa/brina).
  • One song from Sabrina's 2014 EP is featured, there is also one from her 2015 EP.
  • Colorful World was heard in Girl Meets Me And You.
  • Artists on the soundtrack include...
    • Rowan Blanchard
    • Sabrina Carpenter
    • Dove Cameron
    • Debby Ryan
    • Sherry St. Germain
    • Shayna Rose
  • The Season 1 soundtrack.

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