Scene One : Riley and Maya are sitting on the Bay Window

Riley : Switch! Mom, you can eavesdrop outside my door now.

Cory : You know we are doing this for your own good.

Riley : My Parents think its gonna be better if they listen to us talk.

Maya : What? I finally got it! I FINALLY got the answer to get away from school..but now there's this.

Cory : I just wanna make sure there is no talk going on between the two's of you.

Maya : Riley doesn't talk to Lucas, - she only always talks to Lucas.

Riley : Or are you just sore? Because he picked me?

Riley : Look at me! In such a bully! Hey Maya, your hair, - and dad, your shirt, - what were you thinking?, - and Mom -,"

Tongan - What?

Riley : Your hair looks amazing today Mommy.

*Topanga looks at Cory and smiles*

Topanga : Yeah, - I thought so.

Topanga : We just wanna see how high school is affecting you guys, - that's all.

Cory : To see the switch.

Maya : *Puts her hand around Riley.* Nothing you have to worry about, - Riley is like family to me and will stay that way.

*Theme song*

Abigail Adams High school : Scene 2

By the Lockers

Maya : Hey Lucas.

Lucas : I really need help with that math homework. Wanna come to my house after school to help me?

Maya : realize, Rick, that im even more "EJJsheh" than you at math?

Lucas : *Starts kissing her" I realize that.

Maya : *Starts to kiss back*

*All the people start to watch the stunt*

Lucas : Im sorry.

Maya : Its not me you need to be sorry to.

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