Cory : Now as I was saying we are going to have a love project with Mrs. Burgess using the book Romeo and Juliet and history . And there's one thing that is so important .

Riley : What dad

Cory : You and Lucas are not going to be partners ( whispers )

Cory makes a a weird happy face and bends his knees

Riley : Dad are you constipated

Cory : No of course not well I think so but I'll tell you after I use the bathroom

Theme Song / Commercial

Scene 2


Cory : I'm back

Farkle : You've been there since 1831 , Belgium 1831 teach it to us now

Cory : Sorry Farkle but we are doing talking about the love project

Farkle : Belgium 1831 ( runs after Cory but Maya stops him )

Cory : So the love project has to do when you guys have to learn about history love and Romeo and Juliet .

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