Girl Meets Problem is the 41st and penultimate episode of Season 1 of Girl Meets World. It aired April 17, 2015.


Riley learns Maya was peer preasured to do drugs, Riley tries to stop her, not realizing how high she is, Auggie learns to read.


Riley is wordering why Maya has been skiping school, she sees her in the back in the dumpster with pot in her hands, Riley asks Maya why she has that, Maya reveals that she started last night, Riley is shocked. Auggie is reading a "Nicky Mice" book when he reads well, Topanga feels proud, he feels ready to read a chapter book, however, once he does, he realizes he's not that advanced. Riley gives Maya a pep taklk why she has been doing drugs, Maya tells her to be cool and her mom doesn't care, she tells her she shouldn't do it for stupid people, Maya stops, they hug and leave, the episode ends. 


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  • Nicky Mice is a parody of Mickey Mouse.
  • This is a special, as dealing with drugs.
  • Lucas is absent in the episode.
  • First/last appearance of Bella.
  • Last episode of Season 1 where Lucas is absent.
  • Penultimate (second to last) episode of the season.


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