1. Both Maya and Farkle admit that it is finally time to move on. So they get Riley and Lucas to set them up on blind dates for each other not knowing who Riley and Lucas set them up with. Meanwhile Auggie has to try and move on after Ava breaks up with for the new boy.
  • The episode begins with the boys having their own conversation while walking up to Maya and Riley. Once they get there Riley and Lucas have their own conversation leaving Maya and Farkle in a awkward position. the scene cuts back to Riley and Lucas whispering about what to do about Farkle and Maya when Riley suggests that they set them up on a blind date with each other knowing each of them still has feelings for the other. Lucas says that's a great idea when the bell rings for the end of the day. Then Riley asks Lucas to carry her books home Lucas says he can do her one better then picks her up and Riley blushes and they walk out together. The next day Riley/Lucas and Maya/Farkle are at their lockers when Riley/Lucas tells Maya/Farkle if they had plans that night . When Maya/Farkle are about to say no Riley/Lucas says to meet them at the park and to wear something nice and also to be in flats. Ava and Auggie are walking into the apartment when Ava stops Auggie and says "I'm breaking up with you it's not you it's me'. She skips out of the Matthews apartment leaving a upset Auggie behind just so happens that the new girl Alice's family come in saying their moving across the hall which cheers Auggie up and so a confident Auggie asks Alice to be his girlfriend and she says yes knowing that she likes Auggie for who he is not like Ava who liked him just for his stuff and looks. Riley is at the park telling Maya on the phone to meet her at the park because she knows that Lucas is coming with Farkle any second. Once both Maya and Farkle get there they question their best friends and they just say to figure it out and walk away. Once they are alone both Maya and Farkle admit they still have feelings for each other and get back together and share a kiss. The episode ends with the four friends on a double date at the Matthews
  • newly owned cafe Topanga's.

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