It's Career Day and Stuart Minkus,Harley Keiner,Shawn Hunter,Topanga Matthews and Katy Hart are all volunteers. Cory teaches about anything is possible but Maya doesn't believe anything is possible because people are saying that her art is not good and she can't enter the talent show.And Farkle says people are saying that he's a nerdy bird.And Lucas says people are saying he's to country and he should get out of the city and Riley says people are saying that she looks a giraffe.And so the next day Cory asks the kids to do a history project and they tdo one but the cool kids club made a history project together and they got an A.And Maya actually won the talent show.

Trivia :

Stuart makes a dance

Brandon meets Katy Hart and asks does Maya have a father

Cory mentions Mr.Turner.

Billy Unger appears as Jackson (student)

This is the season finale of season 2

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