"Girl Meets Help" is an upcoming 1 hour episode of "Girl Meets World".


When Riley, Lucas, Maya, and Farkle are all trapped in Cory's classroom they discover things they never knew about each other


After school one day Riley and the gang are hanging out. when suddenly remember they left their history books in Cory's classroom. They all run into the classroom because Cory left the classroom door open after Lunch because of a meeting that afternoon. Not realising that the doors automatically lock when closed after hours. To pass the time they talk about random things until Riley pulls Maya aside and asks her why she's acting strange and Maya admits that she is going to break up with Farkle because she has feelings for Zay the new student and also Lucas's old friend ever since he came from Texas. Riley supports Maya in her decison but tells her to make sure that she had made the right descion before breaking Farkle's heart. Later that day Riley and Lucas are giving Maya and Farkle space since they know about Maya's descion to break up with Farkle. What Maya doesn't know is that Farkle has also developed feelings for somebody else one of her friends Sarah. It turns out that they both break up with each other at the same time not knowing that the other is going to break up with them. They both agree that they both need some space from each other. Meanwhile Riley and Lucas are talking when Lucas gives Riley a locket with a picture from one of their dates and on the other a picture of all 4 of them. Riley tells Lucas she loves it and then they kiss. Just then the door opens and Cory is about to yell at Lucas when Topanga enters the room and tells Cory that Riley is growing up and that he needs to suck it up. So Cory says yes. Riley and Lucas end up sharing a kiss in the classroom and the episode ends with Maya walking up to Zay and saying that she chooses him



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