Maya :Math blah blah blah

Riley :I love math why don't you

Maya :Because I' m not like you

Riley :Oh right.Oh no where is my study guide for math

Maya:um nowhere

Riley :I lost my thingy oh no

Maya :Well good for you

Theme Song

Cory :Reponsebility

Yogi :Math test is coming up

Riley :Yah and I 've lost my study guide

Maya :Get ready

Mr. Rubsin :Time is up people get it

Class :yah

Math Room

Zoey : This test is so easy

Lucas : It's only because you can cheat on your iPad

Zoey :Fine

Lucas :No way I forgot my study guide

Farkle:I'm already smart so I don't need no stupid study guide


Topanga :Auggie I told you to sweep the floors

Auggie :I found some study guide

Riley :That's mine

Auggie :Oh

hands it over

Maya : I love Farkle

Riley :Wow

Eric :Ahh scary dark girl

running away from Maya

The End

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