Girl Meets College Orientation is the first episode of Season 4.

Overview Edit

Farkle, Lucas, and Riley all want to start looking for colleges. Maya feels that no college will ever accept her and decides not to go to college.

Main Plot Edit

Farkle convinces Riley and Lucas to begin thinking about college. Maya doesn't want to and decides not to go to college. Riley tries her best to convince her that she'll be missing out. Maya still doesn't want to go. Riley seeks help from Topanga. Topanga talks to Maya and shares memories of her college experience.

Sub Plot Edit

Auggie and Ava decide to break up. The two end up regretting it but doesn't tell the other person. To make it seems as if she's alright, Ava starts dating Chad.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This was originally the 3rd episode of Season 4
  • Riley kisses Lucas in the episode
  • This Episode is alot like "Things Change" in Boy Meets World

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