Called it! What did I tell you? I'm always right.
—Taylor in "Girl Meets World"

Taylor Gomez is the tritagonist of Girl Meets World. She is the 14-year-old daughter of a hard-working restaurant owner, Michelle Gomez. Taylor has been friends with Riley and Maya since they were young girls. Taylor is a very unpredictable person and usually just goes with the flow, as described by Farkle Minkus on multiple occasions.

Personality Edit

Taylor is a very unpredictable person and has a strong control over her emotions. She is the level-headed one of the group of herself, Maya, and Riley. While she has Riley qualities inside of her -- she also has Maya qualities.

Taylor never backs down from a challenge and is adventurous at heart. While she can be loud and annoying, she knows how to be chill and laid back too.

Taylor, as many put it is, persuasive and knows what she wants; she's ambitious. She doesn't care what others think of her -- but she isn't completely cold and emotionally turned off. Secretly, inside she is sensitive and gets upset by things. Her character is hard to describe.

She's confident; but also shy. Laid-back but also active. She just a bundle of unexplainable 'blah blah blah's.

Appearance Edit

  • In Season 1: Taylor's style was very chic as she wore a lot of mini-skirts, black, and boots. Her hair was either in a naturally wavy form or was straight.

    Taylor in Season 1

  • In Season 2: Her style is a lot more laid-back and not in your face. Her hair is dyed a lighter brown with slight blonde highlights. She wears a lot more skinny jeans, plaid, hoodies, along with sneakers and fewer heels. Sometimes she is seen with a bandana even sometimes a hat.
    Becky Gomez
  • In Season 3: She cut her hair shorter and started wearing makeup. Her dress style was a bit more mature and started wearing things like necklaces, earrings, and chokers. Started parring up with day dresses but still rocked hoodies, but wore more crop-tops.

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Family Edit

Michelle Gomez Edit

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Taylor and Her Mom

Michelle Gomez is Taylor's mother and legal guardian. Michelle is very protective of her daughter as seen "Girl Meets Overwork" when Farkle asks for Taylor's hand in marriage; she threatens to hit him with a hammer. Michelle runs a bakery called "The MisMatch" where they sell traditional Mexican pastries. Michelle loves Taylor but they fight a lot over petty little things. She is mad at mom for kicking her dad out when she was 6 years old, because she quote on quote "Didn't grow up with a father."