As of Girl Meets Prom Brandon and Maya are dating, but Riley doesn't approve of their relationship because Lucas is madly in love with Maya. Their official ship name is "Brandaya" and their shippers are called "Brandaytors" They are portrayed by Sabrina Carpenter and Bradley Steven Perry and they are dating in real life. Most people that ship this also ship their protrayers.

Lucas kisses maya on the lips

  • Maya giggled and blushed at him.
  • It is revealed they maked out.
  • Maya hinted that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.
  • Maya was very upset when she found out he cheated on her, thought he died, and thought that he was faking his death.
  • Brandon broke up with the girl he was cheating on with Maya and got back together with Maya.
  • Maya was disappointed when her friends tried to break them up.
  • They called each other "babe" a lot this episode.
  • They kissed each other a lot.
  • Brandon doesn't want Lucas to go anywhere near Maya, showing he's very protective of her.

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