The Are You Riley or Maya? ,is a personality quiz that determines who you are most like.


Take the quiz to find out if you're like Riley Matthews or Maya Hart....

Question 1Edit

  • What do you love the most?
    • A. Puppies, Candy, Fashion
    • B. Art, Breaking Rules, Black

Question 2Edit

How do you feel about school?

    • A. I love it so so much
    • B. The worse place on earth

Question 3Edit

  • How would you describe your style?
    • Hippie, Girly, Bright
    • Dark, Shiny, Punk

Question 4Edit

  • What Worries You Most About The Future?
    • What college to get into
    • Nothing, just live

Question 5 (Final Question)Edit

  • Are you an optimist (see the best in things) or a pessimist (see the worst in things)?
    • Optimist
    • Pessimist

Look below to see your results

If you answered mostly A's you're like Riley, if you answered mostly B's you're like Maya